Missing Your Face

I have really missed seeing people. Even though I’m mostly introverted, I like making those in-person connections. Virtually communicating everything has been a lot to adjust to, and some things get left behind. Clearly, it’s been awhile since I wrote anything hereā€”or kept my site up-to-date. As the pandemic is getting more under control, it’s exciting for me to break that pause with a show announcement!

From May 7 to July 3 of 2021, you can see a whole range of new work from myself and fellow mask maker Matt Fagan at the beautiful Art Center East galleries in La Grande, Oregon. The show is called MISSING YOUR FACE: Masks of Location, Isolation, and Transformation. If you’re in eastern Oregon, there will be live viewing possible (bring your own masks!) as well as virtual walkthrough experience for those further away.

Visit ACE’s website or check out my exhibition page to find out more!

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