The King Stag

Produced by Lewis & Clark College, 2015. Designer: Michael Olich. (Portland, OR)

 Production Photos
The court observes a stag. Photo ©2015 Owen Carey
Cigolotti, dressed in rags, releases his master, Durantdarte the magician, who is dressed as a parrot, into the forest of Roncislappe. Photo ©2015 Owen Carey
The magical statue aids King Deramo by laughing at the false affections of Smeraldina, his valet’s sister. Photo ©2015 Owen Carey
Tartaglia and the King await their shot at the stags. Photo ©2015 Owen Carey
An unexpected bear attack disturbs the courtiers hunting the stags. Photo ©2015 Owen Carey
King Deramo, in the form of one the stags, finds a new human body into which he can pass his spirit. Photo ©2015 Owen Carey
The magician Durandarte. His cape was a collaboration between myself and the costume shop. Photo ©2015 Owen Carey