Rubin Museum: Annual Gala Celebration

A mask intervention at the annual fundraiser for the Rubin Museum in October 2015. (New York City). .

RMA Gala15 Med 1789
The cast (Claudia Acosta, Ariel Lauryn, T. Ryan Olson, Tony Fuemmeler) with Tim McHenry, Director of Programs and Engagement.

RMA Gala15 Med 0919

Characters were interspersed as guests at the dinner…

RMA Gala15 Med 1220

…and tried to outbid each other on their favorite items.


RMA Gala15 Med 1683

The script was written by Conor Eifler, in collaboration with the Rubin Museum after a series of workshops with actors in Portland, OR.  Directed by Tony Fuemmeler.