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"Collaborating with Tony was a fantastic experience! The ideal teaching artist, he is engaging, knowledgeable, patient, and remarkably productive. Tony successfully leads students to clear and exciting results, both in the process of mask-making and in acting workshops."

--Gad Guterman, Education Director, Vineyard Theatre
mask image
YMCA Mask Class at Grout Elementary, 2006
Photo: Tony Fuemmeler
mask image
Mask Performance Workshop at University of Kansas, 2011
Photo: University of Kansas
Acting Workshop at Franklin High School, 2008
Photo: Tony Fuemmeler

Mask-Making Intensive: Character Masks for Theatre

Create a mask that fits you perfectly and works magic onstage! This intensive workshop focuses on the creation of masks intended for performance. Discover secrets of successful sculpture and pointers on painting techniques that create vibrant masks with high-energy play.

Through the Mask: Character and the Body

Masks reveal as they transform. This energetic, full-body workshop uncovers the expressivecapability of the body to reveal the nature of the stage character. In this workshop, participants will create physical characters to support their masks, explore techniques for expression and vocal production, and engage in basic scene work. This work is for aspiring mask performers as well as actors, dancers, animators, puppeteers or performers who wish to strengthen their focus and increase their specificity.

Commedia dell'Arte

Learn about the world and characters of one of the most influential comedic forms in western theatre-- the commedia dell'arte. In this introductory workshop, participants will deepen comic timing, investigate classical character archetypes, and explore relationship through improvisation of small scenes. This study of the commedia is great for actors, puppeteers, opera singers, animators, and more.

"I had so much fun and loved every second of it!! "

--Workshop Student, University of Kansas

"It was a joy watching you teach. You are wonderful with the students. "

--Kathy Pryor, Managing Director of Theatre, KU

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